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Originating in Italy 

Dating back to the 15th century, terrazzo tile is considered one of the most environmentally friendly construction materials available.  Terrazzo's exceptional durability, minimal maintenance and unlimited design options is the reason it has recently re-surged as a very popular trend in tiling. 

   Automatic Terrazzo Tiles Factory is the only terrazzo expert in Oman able to offer incomparable workmanship, superior quality of raw materials and fully customized terrazzo designs. 

Terrazzo fountain by ATTF Oman
Terrazzo tile floor and wall cladding ATTF
Terrazzo tile floor by ATTF


Good quality terrazzo tile will last centuries  Buildings can go through several floor replacements in its lifetime, but with terrazzo tile, it eliminates the need to replace the floor finish.

Low Cost 

Terrazzo is among the lowest life-cycle costs in flooring tile when you factor the one-time terrazzo installation cost combined with low occurrence in replacement costs and the energy savings from its excellent insulation.

Unlimited Designs

The vast range of colors, aggregate materials and designs used in terrazzo can accommodate for every style and project. 

Healthy Option 

 Terrazzo tiles consist of rapidly renewable materials and contains no volatile organic compounds which guarantees better indoor air quality.  It is also non-porous making it antimicrobial,  resulting in a healthier home or business.

Terrazzo Tile Gallery 

Our sales team is ready to help you design and customize your terrazzo tile or you may select from our existing colors and patterns. 

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