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Produced with local materials

ATTF produces their paving tiles using raw materials from Oman and pigments sourced from Europe.  Paving tiles are very popular and preferred to interlock tiles as they are easier to walk on, extremely durable and simple to maintain.  Paving tiles are perfect for walkways, patios, driveways and landscape projects.

Heavy Duty

ATTF's paving tiles are more durable than other outdoor paving tiles.  They can withstand heavy weights, such as vehicles, making them a better option than interlock tile. 


Paving tiles have a much better life cycle cost than interlock tile. They last longer, stay level and maintain their color, greatly reducing the need to replace them.


ATTF offers paving tiles in a large variety of sizes, colors and designs making it easy to create your perfect space.

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Paving Tile Gallery 

Our sales team is ready to help you design and customize your project, or select from our existing colors and patterns.

Technical Specifications 

Size (cm)Thickness (mm) as BSWeight of each tile (kg) No. of tiles
per  m
 No. of tiles per pallet SOM of Tile per pallet
  Heavy Duty Paving Tiles  40x4050±320.46.2512710817.3
  Heavy Duty Paving Tiles 
50x50 50±332 4 128-1306817
  Heavy Duty Paving Tiles  60x60 50±3 45 2.77 125-128 48 17.3
  Heavy Duty Paving Tiles  30x60 50±3 22 5.55 122-125 96 17.3

Dimensions, weights and specifications indicated above are average values.  Special dimensions are available.