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Inspired by nature

Our exposed aggregate tiles are made from high quality natural materials, many sourced from within Oman.  Exposed aggregate offers many functional and aesthetic benefits making it the perfect choice for pool areas, gardens and walkways.

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Why Choose Exposed Aggregate?

Slip resistant, perfect for pool areas 

Able to withstand harsh weather conditions, no fading

Environmentally friendly 

Easy to keep clean 

Ideal for landscaping as it blends in with the natural environment

Outdoor tile exposed aggregate by ATTF Oman

Exposed Aggregate Gallery 

ATTF's sales team is happy to help you customized your tiles or you can select from our gallery below.

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Technical Specifications 

Size (cm)Thickness (mm) as BSWeight of each tile (kg) No. of tiles
per  m
 No. of tiles per pallet SOM of Tile per pallet
  Exposed Aggregate Tile  30x30 25±3 5,2-5,7 11.11 57.8-63.3 336 30.24
  Exposed Aggregate Tile  40x40 35±3 12-13 6.25 75-78 108 24

Dimensions, weight and specifications indicated above are average value. Special dimensions are available on request.