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    ATTF works closely with each client to ensure we meet your  design vision and budget requirements.   Find inspiration below from some of past success stories. 

Ajeen wanted to find the perfect blend of modern and traditional to fit-out their three Muscat restaurants.   They chose to integrate natural stone and unfinished cement with terrazzo tiles and counters.  Ajeen picked terrazzo because of its durability and high level of customization, giving them a modern, trendy look that would make a statement.  Automatic Terrazzo Tiles Factory worked closely with Ajeen, providing them multiple samples of different colors, chip sizes and tile shapes until Ajeen found the desired look. 

When asked, General Manager Ahmed Hassan,  he gave the following feedback on ATTF, “The team was very efficient, they did not hesitate to submit numerous samples, Items were also delivered and installed within the time lines and on top of that we were satisfied by the finishing quality in comparison to the price we paid."

Ahmed also shared that many restaurant guests inquire about the unique tiles and he's even hosted a few photo shoots in the restaurant. 

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Terrazzo tile and countertop Ajeen Bakery by ATTF Oman
Terrazzo floor tile Ajeen Bakery by ATTF Oman
Terrazzo table Ajeen Bakery Muscat

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