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We organise our products into core collections. Offering products for every type of project, style, size and price point, the majority of which are stocked in Oman for immediate despatch.

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 مصنع البلاط الأوتوماتيكي

ننظم منتجاتنا في مجموعات أساسية لنجعل تجربة الإختيار و التنسيق أسهل، و نقدم لكم منتجات عالية الجودة تفي مطلبات جميع المشاريع التجارية و السكنية و أعمال البناء بحسب إسلوب وحجم المشروع. تصنع و تخزن منتجاتنا في سلطنة عمان 
تحميل كتالوج المنتجات

Paving Tile

Concrete paving slabs are precisely manufactured in a variety of colours and textures that are ideal for both residential and commercial applications including sidewalks, patios and even balconies, terraces and roof tops 

In-Sito Terrazzo Tiles

These terrazzo flooring projects are all award winning installations featuring Arim, Inc. marble, glass and stone aggregates. 

We are proud of the companies that utilize our products and wish them continued success.

Floor Tiles

Crafted with exceptional care and craft, using innovative blend of colours, aggregates, patterns, and texture. These tiles have played a part in some of the finest designed homes, retreats, stores, multiplexes. ing at factory.

What makes ATTF one of the leading Tiles & Terrazzo providers in Oman

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